When God wants to promote or increase you in a certain area, He brings you into knowledge – usually through people who have some ‘higher’ knowledge in that subject.

Now, it’s easy to be humble when you are totally ignorant or clueless.

However, when you also have some measure of success or knowledge, it can be extremely difficult to ‘stoop’ to learn from another.

Growing up, we used to attend a certain church. It wasn’t as large as it is now, but it was still quite known globally – to an extent.

A family member was a major leader there, and was very close to the Head pastor.

Then stuff happened. Politics, lies, manipulation came in and the family member left.

My parents who were leaders in the church were also unfairly stripped of their positions, simply because of their connection and personal convictions.

MIRACLES – And The Vessels God Uses.

Miracles fascinate me. A lot. And especially recently.

I am privileged to attend a denomination where miracles are the norm, and it blows my mind to see people drop crutches or get up from wheelchairs, start walking slowly one step at a time, then get progressively faster…


Many years ago, I used to attend a certain denomination. I knew God had led me there for that season, but certain things began to happen and I decided to leave.

I was going to church out of duty – and because you went to church on Sundays – but I disliked it. It was dry, boring, had too many (unnecessary) programs, the preaching was monotonous, the people were few…you name it…


When I got married, I just wanted to have my own kids like every other woman. Painfully, it didn’t happen as quickly as I hoped.

I remember far back in 2010 (six years into my marriage) when a big sister of mine I used to pray with at that time, said to me during a prayer session, “God said He didn’t create you just to have babies.”
Excuse me?!…


I used to wonder why the master – in the parable of the talents – called the servant who hid his talent ‘wicked.’

Slothful? Yes. Fearful? I can understand…but ‘wicked’? That’s quite a stretch…


In my first and second year at the university, I didn’t do very well, academically. I didn’t have carryovers, quite alright, which was, of course, a reason to be thankful, but my grades were what you would call less than admirable, at a glance. To the best of my knowledge, the way I best knew how, I had put in my all, so, the poor results were a huge disappointment and quite the blow to my morale. I had wondered how I could possibly do better, or put in more work…