There is an army arising.

Like creatures emerging from the woodwork, these warriors are pouring out from every nook and cranny of the globe.

They are of every nation – skins of varying hues and tongues of a million cadences.

They can be found in every sector and field – the media, the marketplace, education, healthcare and politics. In the home. At schools.

Some of these soldiers are recognizable. Even well-known – elevated into positions of prominence and lavishly medalled.

Many, however, are Unknown. Unsung. Unrecognised. Undercover.

They all differ in many ways from the citizens around them, and seem to march to a beat only they can hear – or understand.

But the most fascinating thing about these fighters is that they are also Builders.

Like Nehemiah, they wield a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other. While they keep a watchful eye out for the enemy, the other eye is firmly fixed on a blueprint carefully placed before them as they build.

You see, even though they are building enterprises, organisations, ministries and families, a closer look reveals they are not following grandiose plans or ambitious dreams fabricated after their personal desires.

No, sir.

They are following strict instructions that The Master Builder – and Commander of The Army – has personally handed to each one.

They are following a Pattern.