The Parable Of The Well (Archives).

There was a certain city, and in that city, there was severe drought.The people thirsted desperately for fresh water and, in their bid to keep from dying of thirst, began to invent other liquids. Like most man-made inventions, however, these addictive fluids didn’t fully satisfy. They only caused a temporary high which wore off afterContinue reading “The Parable Of The Well (Archives).”


Todd White shared the following true life story: An atheist had a dream one night. He saw a long fence going on infinitely. On one side of the fence was Jesus, the hosts of Heaven and angels. On the other side of the fence was the devil, demons and the hosts of hell. The atheistContinue reading “THE FENCE”

MIRACLES – And The Vessels God Uses.

Miracles fascinate me. A lot. And especially recently.

I am privileged to attend a denomination where miracles are the norm, and it blows my mind to see people drop crutches or get up from wheelchairs, start walking slowly one step at a time, then get progressively faster…


I once watched an episode where Chef Gordon Ramsay was invited by a restaurant owner to save his dying business.

This particular restaurant was not used to freshly-made foods. Most of their meals and ingredients were prepackaged, canned, microwavable, and processed…


I used to wonder why the master – in the parable of the talents – called the servant who hid his talent ‘wicked.’

Slothful? Yes. Fearful? I can understand…but ‘wicked’? That’s quite a stretch…


Scenario OneIt was on campus. We were having choir rehearsals for an upcoming combined-campus fellowship program. Finally, and thankfully, we were done. It was time to round off. The choir director called on a member of the exco – and a friend of his – to give the closing prayers so we could share theContinue reading “FOLLOW THE OIL”

GET UP – AND EAT! (Battles Series)

What’s the best thing to do when you are worn out?
Lie down and sleep, right?

You get up – and eat.
Ask Elijah.

Daniel revealed that, in the last days, a major activity of the enemy would be to wear out the saints of the Most High. (Daniel 7:25) ‘Wear out’ means to tire them, wear them down, or make them weary – and connotes intensity and consistency…