(Okay, I know it’s already past, but this last Sunday was Mother’s Day – and I decided to write posts surrounding the theme.

I had already informed my guest writer long before that she was going to guest-write a blog post for me, then when I realised she was also the convener of Mercy’s Voice – (a community of waiting mums), I just suggested she write on the theme of motherhood.

You know those kind of people who are usually quiet in church, just sitting down in the pews or behind the scenes – then one day, ‘by mistake’, you give them a mic…and rivers of living water gushes from their belly?

Ebele Yomi-Martyns is like that.

As someone I know would say, “O depth gan!” (meaning she is very deep) – and wait until you hear her pray!! 😀

Enjoy – and be blessed 🙂

Why can’t we honour mothers everyday?!
Or at least, once a month – if that would be okay with the menfolk. 😉
I mean, for all mothers do, and the sacrifices they make daily, I think even God would agree He outdid Himself in creating women! 😀

Just this morning, I listened to a woman testify about how God healed her son of asthma. She was very emotional as she described how she had been laid off from work numerous times because her son always needed medical attention – yet still had to spend so much on his drugs.
Despite the ordeal, however, I knew she would go through it all again, if need be – and I was so glad God came through for her.

When the Trinity came together to make a woman, what they did was to create a bridge between generations. With this creation, God ensured there was continuity. This makes mothers one of the greatest gifts to mankind.

They’re exceptional beings – encapsulating every role imaginable: homemaker/manager (the sub-list under this is endless), nurse, chef, organiser, teacher, guide, a shoulder to cry on, destiny-helper etc.

She loves completely but won’t hesitate to straighten a misbehaving child with a hot, destiny-resetting spank! Lol.

Mothers have raised leaders, presidents, people of repute and influence – yet are still quite unappreciated by certain people in society. We have a funny saying where I come from, that “When a child is bad, he belongs to the mother; but when he is good, he belongs to his father.” (Let’s leave this for another day.)

Any female with a womb can give birth, but not every woman is a mother, sadly. Motherhood requires preparation, and women go through life experiences that prepares them for this multifaceted role.

When I got married, I just wanted to have my own kids like every other woman. Painfully, it didn’t happen as quickly as I hoped.

I remember far back in 2010 (six years into my marriage) when a big sister of mine I used to pray with at that time, said to me during a prayer session, “God said He didn’t create you just to have babies.”
Excuse me?! My eyes widened in shock!I didn’t think I heard right – though I know I did.

Now, as a woman trusting God for my own babies – which by the way, was the paramount reason for our prayer meetings – my heart sank. I thought God had told her I wasn’t meant to have children at all.

But before I could respond with a resounding “God forbid!”, she went on to say “God said He created you for more!”

What more?! Just give me babies, God! That’s all I wanted.

Looking back, I shake my heard at the young, spiritually-naive me.

I can’t remember how that meeting ended, but those striking words stayed with me all through the years.

From that day, God took me, first, on a journey of self discovery – and then a discovery of purpose and calling.

All through these journeys, I kept remembering those words, yet I never seemed to get a clear answer to my silent enquiries – and, oh, how the devil played on my fears a great deal, even though God kept assuring me He will make me a mother.

Last year June 2020, I was meditating one day, and a question dropped in my spirit, “Can God now trust you with His children?”

As soon as I heard that, I felt a burden lift off me. Certain things became very clear. Everything I had gone through these past years was a preparation for motherhood. A preparation to make me more than just a female with a womb. Ah, God!

We, as mothers, don’t always get that we’re Gods caretakers here on earth. That we are the eyes, ears and the mouthpiece of God over these children that He chose to bless us with.

When Rebekah felt a troubling movement in her womb, God told her she was carrying two nations in her womb [Genesis 25:22-23].

Why would God put nations in the womb of a woman, if not that His purpose and assignment for her was to build nations – and not just bring up children?

Yes, there’s a difference.
The difference is why you see some children grow and not make impact. They live normal lives: go to school (or not), get a job, marry, have kids, grow old – and die. Then there are others who grow up and become discoverers, marking their names on the world map – or spiritual map – for great exploits and achievements.

While one child was trained to find and pursue purpose and excel, the other was taught that mediocrity is not such a bad thing…and, really, life is good as long as you live long.

Sometime ago, I read the story of a young Nigerian who, after losing his father at a tender age, was shipped off to serve an uncle at the age of 8.
Whilst his cousins went to a private school, he was sent to a government-owned one, often missing classes because of the heavy domestic work.

What kept him going were his mother’s words – anytime they saw each other. She would praise his sacrifices, fight him over his grades, encourage him, then push him – all at the same time.
His mum would paint a picture of greatness for him, and prophesy over him that he would make it big.

She nicknamed him “Agu” (lion), and he narrated that when she called that name, his head would ‘swell’ – and he would feel he could do anything.
His mum would, also, always pray and fast for him and his siblings to excel.

One day, he got a scholarship to school in the United States – and today, he owns and runs one of the outstanding hedge-fund management firms on Wall Street.
His siblings also went on to do great things – and by the way, their mum was not literate.

Do you know that walking with God and living righteously will prosper your next generation [1kings 15:4-5]? You Can Only Recreate What You Have On Your Inside.
A mother who is a builder and who knows her assignment will do anything humanly possible to build her children into nations – no matter her circumstances.

Rebekah and Jacob is a great example of this. [Genesis 27]. Without Rebekah, Jacob wouldn’t have dared to do what he did, thus transforming His lineage into the nation of Israel.

Now I know what the more I was created for is: God didn’t create me just to have children and prove my womanhood – but to be a builder of nations.

All I went through – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly and painful – was for me to know my ‘more.’

God saw through me that I wasn’t ready for what He had planned for me at that time. So while I was crying for children, God desired to give me nations.

I’m glad He ignored my tears and took me on a journey to discover ‘me’, to know my ‘more’ and to equip me to be a builder.
I am now walking in my ‘more’. I’ve been filled with rivers of living waters – and out of my belly they flow.

I’m ready to fulfil my responsibility of raising Champions who would shake the world for God.

I want to encourage every mother with a heart for God, to take a stand over their children in these times – and not just your own biological children, but youths all over the world.

If we want a ‘better’ society and a ‘better’ world, then we need to do what it takes to raise a generation that will know and fear God.

Don’t turn a blind eye to children going astray and say, “They’re not mine – and so, not my business.”
Those children will make life difficult for your own “well brought up” children.

Let’s rise up with the Word and prayers and be ‘Mothers-In-Israel’ over this generation to return the lost back to God – and back to their places in the Lords army.

This is the time!

Happy Mothers Day – Everyday – to all Mothers!

(Ebele Yomi-Martyns is YAH’s Daughter, a Wife, a soon-to-be Mum – and she is ‘foine!’ 😀
She believes in living a life full of grace and purpose, and is the convener of Mercy’s Voice – a community for mothers-in-waiting.
She is also the CEO of Ozella Fashion Academy, a fashion academy on a mission to empower.
She can be reached via )

(Do you have a prayer request? Send it in. We will DEFINITELY be praying.)

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  1. Jenniferinspires says:

    Don’t turn a blind eye to children going astray and say, “They’re not mine – and so, not my business.”
    Those children will make life difficult for your own “well brought up” children.

    I once asked someone if Mary, the mother of Jesus was abusive, careless, unbelieving etc, what would have become of the Savior of the earth? I guess warning & preparing her ahead of His conception took care of or prevented a lot of those.

    God in His wisdom prepares because He does not waste investments, I guess🤷🏾‍♀️

    I love this Mother’s Day post. Welldone Debby.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      This is deep…! God prepares us because He does not waste investments…Hmm…!

      Thank you, Jennifer!

  2. This was such a blessing!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Yes, it is! 🙂

  3. hispeculiarpeople says:

    Hmm.. “All I went through – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly and painful – was for me to know my ‘more.’”.. So inspiring..thanks so much Mrs Ebele

    1. Ebele Y. says:


    2. Debby Osa says:

      Really inspiring
      …Thank you, Sis 🙂

  4. Kara says:

    This is an inspiring word! Yes, motherhood is hard – and we also have a calling to care for the lost world around us and the next generation.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Very true, Kara! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Eniola says:

    Yes, I was created for more. I am carrying nations! Thank you for this, Debby.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Yes! You are welcome, Sis 🙂

  6. Finian says:

    Wonderful testimony and so well written. Thank God for the testimonies he gives us though the tests are sometimes hard to bear. His grace is sufficient for us. Amen

    1. Finian says:

      Ebele my dear sister, his grace is sufficient for you. We shall sing of his goodness forever

      1. Ebele Y. says:


    2. Ebele Y. says:

      Always sufficient for us. Dalu nnem!

  7. Victor Owo says:

    Ebele of the most high! My dear sister. God bless you!!!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Amen, Oga Vic! Thank you for reading 🙂

    2. Ebele Y. says:

      Amen! Thanks brotherly!

  8. Nedu Alajemba says:

    This is food for thought. .Motherhood is truly a calling. Not every one can be a mother. I have seen it with my own eyes.
    I appreciate the transparency of Sister Ebele. God bless her.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      …and I say, “AMEN!” 😀

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