Your Consecrations And Your Relationships.

Consecrations can sound weird. A few examples. God can tell you:
– Live a fasted life. Eat once a day – and twice on special occasions.
– Delete certain apps – or abstain from social media altogether.
– No secular movies or music.
– No attending Happy Hour with your colleagues.
– Certainly no alcohol. Etc.

You see, everyone who makes great impact for God has peculiar consecrations – and when God leads you to certain consecrations, either for a season or a lifetime, He does this for one or more of the following reasons:

(1) He wants to take you higher – and those things are weights to you.
(2) He sees the bigger picture – and knows that they will be seriously detrimental to you in the future.
(3) He realizes others will badly stumble because of your habits. (One major Kingdom mantra is, “It’s not about you.”)
(4) He wants to be the ONLY God in your life. ANYTHING you cannot do without has become a god.

However, beyond the help of God, your relationships can greatly help or hinder your consecrations. 

  • When God has clearly told you to abstain, your closest friends cannot be alcoholics. You will be tempted once in a while to take a sip or practice social drinking.
  • Because of previous addictions and spirits He delivered you from, God says, “No secular movies or music for you,” – then you “fall in love” with someone who watches all the latest season films, plays the hit tracks, and has weekly tickets to all the major blockbusters. How…?! Can two walk together…?
  • God is particular about you living a pure life – but your closest friend is an unabashed flirt. Even though they don’t “do anything”, the lines in their interactions with the opposite sex are greatly blurred. Well, it’s just a matter of time.

What does this tell us?

(1)First of all, know your consecrations. That’s where it starts. Who are you? What’s your purpose? What has God led you to drop – or pick up? 
Once you know this, it would be easier to discern or spot those who should/shouldn’t be in your life – at least for a season.

(2)Deliberately cultivate relationships. I’ve realized that, beyond romantic relationships, most people just fall into close relationships because they find themselves in the same office/church/club/group/business. No. 

While we love and interact with everyone, allowing people into your heart or personal space should be deliberate. Deliberate. Take a mental step back and project:

  • Do they help your consecrations and who God has called you to be – or does your sense of purpose and identity become vague or compromised when you are around them?
  • Do you find yourself excusing, hiding, or being ashamed of your consecrations? Or,
  • Do you find yourself constantly defending or being defensive about your beliefs and consecrations?

If yes, you need to review your relationship. They might not be wrong by themselves, but they are not for you…

…and one thing God has taught me is that it’s never worth it to compromise what He has made clear to you.


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