(Happy New Year! It’s been a while, I know! 😁

One reason I stayed away so long was because (1) I had my finger in many pies, but more importantly, (2) I wanted to be absolutely, absolutely sure God wanted me to continue blogging. I was ready to chuck it all up and move on if He wasn’t in it.

In 2023, it’s not going to be “business as usual.”
(1) This year, if I am not certain I have His backing, I will not sweat it (… and I am not talking just about blogging); and (2) I am going to be (more) unapologetic in my writing. 🙂

So, get ready. It might be a rough ride sometimes, but we will arrive safely!

Well, this topic has been brewing in my heart for the longest time – so last year, I slotted it as the number one topic for 2023. It practically exploded through my hands – maybe because my heart is so full of it – so it might seem all over the place. Be blessed, anyhow.❤️)


Our children are not too young to know God.
They are not too young to be filled with the Spirit.
They are not too young to speak in tongues.
They are not too young to be used by God.

I once watched a video of young children praying in tongues – and the comments by some Christian adults shook me to the core.

Do we know how it grieves God’s heart that we can admire youngsters for secular, intellectual and academic exploits – yet we shut down the move of the Holy Spirit in their lives?

We applaud young children who achieve extraordinary mental, intellectual and physical feats – but we mock and shut down children who show unusual spiritual capabilities or interests?

We feed them with food that makes them grow mentally and physically – yet we give their spirit man a bite of bread for the entire week on Sundays, or crumbs at the morning devotion with a figurative pat on their head saying, “…when they are older, they will understand.”

“He is too young to understand spiritual things.” Really?

If young children can be possessed by devils, why can’t they be filled with the Holy Spirit?

If children can see demons, why can’t they see angels?

If psychic children are taught by their parents to “see”, predict the future and heal people using crystal balls, tarot cards and other demonic materials…
…what makes us think our children cannot hear God, operate in the Word of wisdom and knowledge, and heal the sick under the power of the Holy Spirit?

Children are natural believers. Adults are natural doubters.
When children begin to doubt spiritual things/experiences, they have been around adults who doubt.

Sadly, it’s only in Christian-dom children are taken lightly or excused in spiritual matters. Other religions and the enemy understand the power of catching them young.

If a baby in the womb has been prayed for by spirit-filled adults, had hands laid on him/her consistently, fed spirit food through the parents’ words, do we seriously expect the child to be ‘regular’? Should the child not naturally veer towards his natural habits and habitat – the spiritual? When he/she responds intensely to the presence of God, or opens up swiftly to the things of God, do we have a right to shut them down?

No, we don’t.

The spirit man has no age or age limit.
The spirit man is not limited in understanding.
The spirit man understands the things of God even if they cannot be properly articulated with words.

Our children’s spirit man knows.

Lawrence Oyor shared a story of how he laid hands on a pregnant woman – and the baby began kicking and somersaulting so violently, he was afraid for the woman’s life.

Jacob and Esau fought in the womb for supremacy in destiny – and we think our children are too young to understand spiritual things?!

John the Baptist heard Mary’s voice, and he leapt in the womb! More than that, he was filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb – and we have a better covenant! Why do we think our children cannot be prayed into knowing God before they come forth into the earth?!

As Christian parents, our declarations should be:

“My children don’t have minds of their own. They have the mind of Christ.
They don’t have wills of their own. They delight to do the will of the Father.
In fact, they are not just living sacrifices – they are burnt offerings to the Lord!

John was filled with the Spirit from the womb. He didn’t have a choice in the matter.
Samuel was dedicated to the Lord before he was born. He didn’t have a choice in the matter.
My children belong to God from the womb. They don’t have a choice in the matter!”

…and just in case the enemy is trying to show you contrary case studies, tell yourself, “My case is different. As for me and my house, we will all serve the Lord. We don’t have a choice in the matter!”

May our children be taught of the Lord – and may their peace be great.

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