Many years ago, I was watching a family reality show. This lady had been auditioning, but was yet to get any acting role. One day, her agent called her that she had some major auditions coming up.

She was excited, and began rehearsing – all day, and most nights. She could barely do anything else. The auditions consumed her until she became nervous, tense and uptight.

Finally, her husband who had been watching her – and who was a sports addict – told her to disconnect from anything related to the auditions, take a day off, and plan a party. He used the analogy of swinging: you position your stick or club, concentrate hard on the ball – and take your eyes off it for a few seconds. Then you refocus – and hit.

She was skeptical, but she agreed. She stopped rehearsing for sometime and organized a party. At the end of the day, she was more relaxed and better prepared for the auditions. She got the roles.

I feel that, sometimes, we get so involved with certain areas of our lives that it consumes us and we cannot ‘see’ any other thing. I am also talking about legitimate areas:

Work. Family. Church. Friendships. Hobbies.

See, God is multi-dimensional, and we were made in His likeness. Anytime you become one-dimensional – or even two-dimensional – you become skewed without realizing it.

– Family is beautiful, but you need healthy friendships as well.
– Church is great, but you should also have deep, godly relationships with other non-members.
– Work is amazing, but have friends and family you don’t have to “perform” for.
– Your Best Friends Forever (BFFs) are wonderful – but not at the detriment of family.
– Family AND Church can be a blast, but you need the stimulation and productivity of work.

Why is balance and multi-dimension important?

(1) You Can Always Have a Safe Place.

A one-dimensional life makes you magnify or intensify negatives. You are easily upset, easily depressed, overly-sensitive, hyper-aware of every flaw or fault – because all your focus is on that one area.

A multi-dimensional life reduces (real/perceived) negativity and gives you some mental/emotional space. You can easily leave a ‘negative’ environment to another neutral one – to breathe. (Leaving doesn’t necessarily have to be physical.) It also makes you realize that, “Well, things are not as bad as I thought.”

(2) You Get Neutral, Unbiased Perspectives.

This, for me, is major. A one-dimensional life subjects you to the thoughts and opinions of those in it, whether true or not. Having other dimensions lets you know whether or not those opinions are true, especially if you see certain personal traits being repeated across board.

You can also get neutral advice from those who don’t know you in certain dimensions.

(3) It Helps You Take Better-Informed Decisions.

The decision a CEO takes would be much different from the decisions the Head of a Department might take. Why? The CEO has an overall view, but the HOD is concerned solely with his/her department. A multi-dimensional life makes you take decisions that are more balanced and much better for your whole life in the long run.

(4) It Makes You “Richer.”

A multi-dimensional life makes you wealthier in relationships, experiences, knowledge, emotional intelligence, perspectives, etc. A one-dimensional life is extremely limited, and robs you of everything you could have gained or become.

Obviously, there would be times and seasons when all your focus and priority are on certain areas – and that is perfectly understandable. There are also times when certain areas are interwoven – like if you and your spouse work together; or when they overlap, such as when your closest friend is your business partner and church member.

However – and this is my personal recommendation – as much as you can, “as much as lies within you” try to properly section your life. Don’t let it become a tangled, one-dimensional mess…and I believe I have the Spirit of God. 🙂

Would you like to give your life to Jesus? Simply pray with your lips, “Lord Jesus. I am sorry for all my sins. Come into my heart, forgive me and cleanse me with your Blood. I believe You died and rose again, and I accept You as my Lord and Savior. Amen.” Welcome to the family🤗! Drop a note, and we will be glad to reach out!

(Do you have a prayer request? Send it in. We will DEFINITELY be praying. Testimonies? Questions/Topics you want discussed? Suggestions on the blog? Drop a note. All private and anonymous. We will share only if requested.)


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  2. Donna Miller says:

    I know as a painter, I have to step back from the canvas I’m laser focused on so I can see the bigger picture of how things really are. I really needed to read this post this morning. Thank you for encouraging me to remember to be balanced! Love this my sister … 🙏💕

  3. Debby, this is terrific advice, and thank you so much. I can fall into this pattern, which helps me see it more clearly.

  4. Lisa Blair says:

    Good counsel to walk in a balanced, sustainable, and life-giving way, Debby.

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