So, you would like to marry a “called” man or woman – or you already married one.
You would like to have “called” children – or you already have them.

That’s great!

However, let me give you a little heads-up:

They. Don’t. Belong. To. You.
Their first love is not you.
Their highest loyalty is not to you.

Know this and know peace.

Strange topic, right? I know.

Two things consume a called person: God and Purpose.

Every other thing will be subject to those two – including family; which is why, if they allow Him to, God carefully selects people for them who will fit into their call and understand their consecration. Parents inclusive.

Because God’s hands are on these ones, they tend to yearn for the extraordinary. Except you walk in the Spirit, you won’t understand them because they don’t even understand themselves sometimes. They are not cut out for the regular. They feel an inner sense of frustration and dissatisfaction with normal life. 

The only way they can find peace and fulfilment is in their calling.

If you marry/married a called man or woman, you both will get frustrated if you desire security, normalcy, and “just us.” The call of God on your spouse is much, much bigger than your nuclear family. Yes, you might eventually have your way and fit him/her into the regular husband/wife mold, but there’s a death on the inside of them that occurs.

Kenneth Hagin shared a story of how God almost took him after ministration one day. He recognized death was near so he sent for his wife to give final instructions. To his surprise, she was already aware and began to weep and plead before God. Unknown to him, she resented the call of God on his life and was getting bitter because it took him away from the family a lot. 

God then told her in effect, “I can take him away and you will not have him at all.” That was when life began to ebb out of her husband – and she had to repent.

Called people were not born/selected to be regular. They were made for more. You cannot have them “all to yourself” – male OR female.

Same for parents. 

You cannot choose normal career pathways for your children, except the Lord instructs you to. In fact, as a parent to a called child, get ready to “lose” your child at some point. 

When I studied the Bible, most parents of called children “lost” them:
-Joseph had to be sold as a slave. 
-Moses had to be taken to Pharoah’s palace. 
-Samuel was taken to the temple. 
-Samson had to go to the Philistines. 
-David had to be in the wilderness. 
-Same for John the Baptist. 
-Jesus had to die at 33 years old. Do you know how Mary felt?

However, purpose was bigger than family, comfort, and security.

-When your child would rather hang out in fellowship than with family, you are “losing” him/her.
-When they begin to spend hours being mentored by other Christian adults instead of just you, you are “losing” them.
-When they have to leave your environment for another to gain certain knowledge, exposure, or experience, you are “losing” them.

You would need to understand that it’s part of their process. It’s part of their call. You cannot allow your emotional need, insecurity, selfishness or jealousy to keep them “small.”

I reiterate, they don’t belong to you. 
Their first love is not you. 
Their highest loyalty is not to you.

Again, know this and know peace.

Two points before I round off:
1) I know that every Christian is “called.” However, in this post, I’m referring to God’s distinct and “special” hand on individuals for ministry or service. Enough said.
2) This is not a call to irresponsibility for those called. Neither does it exclude you from your duties and obligations. In fact, it should heighten your sense of responsibility.

Finally, this post was scheduled last week, and just yesterday, the movie ENOCH was released, beautifully buttressing my point. You’ll love it.

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