You don’t need more spiritual power. Or fire.

You need more tarrying capacity: the ability to stay in God’s presence – until you are “endued with power” and fire naturally falls.

You don’t need more money.

You need more earning and learning capacity: the ability to expand your mind beyond its current limit, step out of your comfort zone and increase output – until money becomes a natural by-product.

You don’t need more jobs or contracts.

You need more quality-production capacity: the ability to execute the ones you have swiftly, excellently and courteously – until word of mouth achieves more than paid advertising.

You don’t need more people in your church.

You need more love capacity: the ability to genuinely care without using people, and meet needs without thought of reward – until people flock to you like they did to Jesus.

You don’t need more strategic relationships.

You need more relational capacity: the ability to take criticism, intelligently handle people and your emotions, and add value to those already in your life – until the right people are naturally drawn to you.

You don’t need more opportunities or financial help.

You need more mental capacity: the ability to switch off TV and social media; study extensively, stretch your brain and think creatively – until you begin to create opportunities for others.

You don’t need more hours – or helping hands.

You need more balance capacity: the ability to eliminate time-wasting activities, heavily prioritize, and allocate tasks and people to appropriate time frames – until you have space for even more profitable projects.


When I study the lives of people who are doing extraordinary things, especially in the kingdom, I am struck at their humongous capacity. Whether physical, spiritual, mental, intellectual, emotional or financial, they have built tremendous capacity – and that’s why they have the results.

The truth is that “God has given us EVERYTHING we need for life and godliness.” (2Peter 1:3) Everything we need is already prepared.

The question is: “Do we have the capacity to receive it?”

You cannot ask for trailer-load blessings when you have teacup capacity.

Maybe we should change our prayer from “Father, give me more!” to “Lord, increase my capacity.”

Would you like to give your life to Jesus? Simply pray with your lips, “Lord Jesus. I am sorry for all my sins. Come into my heart, forgive me and cleanse me with your Blood. I believe You died and rose again, and I accept You as my Lord and Savior. Amen.” Welcome to the family!🤗 Drop a note, and we will be glad to reach out!

(Do you have a prayer request? Send it in. We will DEFINITELY be praying. Testimonies? Questions/Topics you want discussed? Suggestions on the blog? Drop a note. All private and anonymous. We will share only if requested.)


  1. Lisa Blair says:

    Wow! A powerful truth to ask God to give us the capacity to expand, grow, and receive from Him. Thank you, Debby!

  2. Donna Miller says:

    Wow girl, this made me stop to think throughout! We do need to ask the Lord to increase our capacity. I know for me, I have learned that I need to be able to release to be able to have capacity to receive. I can get bogged down too easily and then my capacity goes out the window lol. Thanks sweet sister for your beautiful post … 🙏💕

  3. Debby, I love all this. It is important and helps me to look at the areas in my life that need this. I love this, ‘You cannot ask for trailer-load blessings when you have teacup capacity”.

    1. Your posts are always timely and full of the wisdom of God. God bless you my sister

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