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I watched Dunsin Oyekan tell how, growing up, his dad would take him on ministers’ retreats and vigils. He was the only son, and his sisters would lightly mock him because he would have to fast with his dad the whole day till they got home at night after the meetings. He was frustrated and didn’t understand why he couldn’t be like other kids – or at least like his sisters.

But his father understood the extraordinary call of God on his son – and today, that investment shows heavily in his life.

Pastor Jerry Eze has talked numerous times about how his single mum didn’t allow him play like other children in the neighbourhood. In fact, he knew his mum had gotten back from work when the children he was playing with scampered off – and he felt a hard hand on his back. She was the one who helped him begin to pray midnight prayers, and even when he told her he had gotten a job with the World Bank, she wasn’t impressed – and told him as much. He had a calling and would have to fulfill it.

Today, he runs the current largest online prayer platform in the world.

Minister Lawrence Oyor shared how his parents yanked him and his twin brother from the ‘happening’ secondary school and placed them in a not-so-posh school with Christian teachings – despite the opinions of other parents and the boys’ angry resistance. Why? They were losing the childlike passion for God they once had and had begun to exhibit traits the parents were uncomfortable with.

Both ministers admit today that that single decision preserved their destinies and callings.

Don’t you believe Peninah and other parents – mothers especially – would have thought Hannah insane when she handed Samuel over to Eli in his tiny priestly garments? After waiting so long to have him?! The little boy should be at her side, the baby of his doting parents! How cruel could she be?!

However, extraordinary callings require extraordinary preparations – and spiritually sensitive parents understand this. They cannot afford to be ‘cool.’

I was listening to Becky Fischer recently, and she shared a letter from a ‘not-so-cool’ Christian mom on YouTube. (Coincidentally, it answers a question someone sent me after my last post. 🙂 ) Below are the screenshots:

Bottom line: Spiritually sensitive parents think long-term. They are more concerned with purpose and Kingdom, rather than fitting in – or the children’s temporary discomfort. They cannot afford to be ‘cool’ by the world’s definition.

However, enforcing the will of God in your life and family? Now, that‘s cool. God-cool.

…and, by the way, we are getting to a time where the ‘coolest’ kids on the block will also be extremely spiritual. Think Daniel. David. Joseph. Esther.

It’s already happening.

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