Starting Afresh With God – Daily

I used to have a pattern in the past. When I sinned or grieved God, I would go for long stretches without praying or talking to Him. I felt I was taking Him for granted by apologizing immediately – the way some humans did. I had to take time to show how sorry I was before I could ask for forgiveness. It was as if I was doing penance. 

I didn’t understand that that distance from God was actually what kept me further bound.

Then, in my final year at the university, I had an experience that changed my perspective. It was a really horrible period of my life and one day, I was at a guardian’s place. Over this period, there had been a series of events that had occurred and it came to a head that weekend. My heart was already hardened, waiting for God’s condemnation, rebuke, and chastisement. I knew I was wrong – and I was ready.

Very early in the morning, I went into the kitchen to do the dishes. I squirted liquid soap into the sink and dropped the plates hard into the soapy water with defiance. Let Him punish me. I was ready.

Immediately I picked up the first plate to wash, God spoke very, very gently into my ears. “My mercies are new every morning, Deborah.”

I just broke down in tears. Like billions of Christians, I knew the verse. Like billions of Christians, I had sung it in various songs. That day, it became very personal to me.

I realized that every dawn is an opportunity for a fresh start. Lamentations 3:22&23 says that God has brand-new mercies and compassions for us every morning. Let’s assume you have used up your quota of mercy and compassion yesterday (which is not possible, by the way), you can get new ones in the morning.

Every single day is an opportunity to start afresh. You are not too gone, too broken, too sinful, too old, too lost, too ignorant, too whatever to start over.

If you woke up in the morning, there’s mercy for you. You can start afresh. Literally.

Does this mean you continue to sin because you know in the morning, you will start afresh? Of course not. Looking back now, I realize God knew that I genuinely loved Him and really wanted to please Him. I hated grieving Him. That was why He gave me that verse and later led me to Romans 7&8. (Read both if you can. Chapter 8, especially. You will be blessed.)

So, no. You cannot continue in sin and expect grace to abound. Romans 6:1&2 is clear about that. God’s love never ends, but grace for deliberate continuous sinning has a time span. You might not wake up in the morning!

Having said that, as a Christian, everyday is a brand new day. If, yesterday, you made several mistakes or cringe-worthy decisions, ask for His new mercies and compassions, receive them, and move on.

Better yet, don’t wait for morning. Keep short accounts with God and receive mercy immediately.

If you aren’t saved yet, your own new day starts with giving your life to Christ. It’s very simple. Just say with your lips, “Lord Jesus. I am sorry for all my sins. Come into my heart, forgive me and cleanse me with your Blood. I believe You died and rose again, and I accept You as my Lord and Savior. Amen.”

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