THE SPIRIT OF LUST.(Bootcamp Purity Series)

I’m glad this series has come to an end.

Even though I knew God wanted me to write on it, it has been quite draining and exhausting. At one point, as I was praying and writing the post on How To Become And Stay Sexually Pure (1), I inexplicably burst into tears because I just had a sudden overpowering feeling that someone desperately needed it at that time.

I also had the strongest feeling that a lot of people – even Christians – were having struggles in this area.

It also made me realize and be thankful for how far God had brought me – even though I had to be vulnerable and share things I would have preferred not to.

And, finally…

I used to go somewhere on a regular basis, just to get away or relax. I had been doing that for a while, so it was no big deal. This particular year, I had gone as usual – and for no reason, I started getting pulled (that’s the word) to someone in the environment.

This wasn’t an attraction or emotional attachment. This was raw, carnal, purely sexual feelings. It was as if, around him, I became possessed and my mind became filled with images.

The scary thing was that, I had always known this person neutrally, so this sudden force was totally unexpected.

Another scary thing was that there was nothing in common between us. Nothing. Mentally. Intellectually. Spiritually. Socially. Nothing – except this pull.

The longer I stayed there, the worse it got. If I had had the knowledge I now possess, I would have handled it with alacrity – and with finality.

What I believe kept me was:
-God’s mercy
-I wasn’t willing, at all – and God knew it
-My constant quiet time with God. No matter what I felt or was going through, I always kept to my daily devotion – even though it was a battle and the Bible was barely making sense.

I was asked to extend my stay, but I clearly heard the Lord say, “Leave.” So I left – and went back home. The feelings and thoughts receded to some degree, but there were still residues.

Not too long after, I was going through my old e-books and stumbled on Stormie Omartian’s ‘Lord, I Want To Be Whole’ – and my eyes popped wide.

(By the way, i just have to interject this here. I have come to realise over the years, that everything we need for life and godliness has already been given to us. (2 Peter 1:3) It is very true. I cannot count the number of times I stumbled upon a book I already had in my library, or played an old message set I already had, or just opened the Bible – and it was exactly what I needed at that moment. Your answers to your questions are already around you. It might be in a book, a message, a person, a post, a newsfeed. If it isn’t near you and you need it, God will make arrangements to get it to you. Just ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and open your eyes.)

In her book, Stormie shared an experience in her own life – and I went, “Ohhh!! That’s what happened!” It was as if blinders had been taken off my eyes.

Summarily, she warned that no one was above being tempted. She recounted that, after being married for five years – and about to enter a new level in her ministry – she was attacked by a strong, overwhelming attraction that came out of nowhere to someone she had no interest in at all.

She said she had to go into God’s presence for days, rebuke what she described as ‘the spirit of lust’ and ask God for deliverance.

On the third day, it was completely gone – and when she saw the person again, there was absolutely no attraction. Using her own words, she says, “In fact, I thought, how could I ever have been tempted?”

It was when I read that, that I realised I had been under attack by the Spirit of Lust.

You know the twisted thing? The devil – through Hollywood, especially – has sold this demon to people as ‘Chemistry’.

And they have bought into the lie.

It is not ‘Chemistry’.

It is a demonic, vile, filthy, horrible, grotesque, perverted, perverse spirit.

(This is actually a nice, non-scary image compared to the real demon.)

If you could see beyond the spirit veil to what this spirit – causing such sensual, pleasurable emotions – really looks like, you would run/flee/make a crazy/mad dash from it, or violently rebuke it from your life in horrified disgust and loathing.

The spirit of lust gives you an intense sensual and sexual pull/attraction to a person you shouldn’t be having such feelings for.

Even if you are single, it’s all about sex and sexual feelings. Sometimes, it tries to disguise its true nature by mixing up with your emotions – so it seems like more than sex. But it isn’t. Its end goal is to make you have ungodly and destructive sex.

One very notable point is this: whenever you are on the edge of something great or momentous in your life, this spirit almost inevitably appears in your life.

Sometimes, you may be expectant of something and just before it comes, even though you were not aware it saw right around the corner, the enemy plants someone with this spirit into your life – or attaches this spirit to your environment.

I’ve had it happen to me – and I’ve heard many ministers say the same thing repeatedly.

Sometimes, you are not even aware that there’s something amazing on the other side of this strange battle – until you overcome, and you realise, “Wow. I would have missed this if I had done that.”

Sexual purity is powerful. More than we realise. So powerful, the devil is doing all he can to weaken the body, families and individuals with his lies and deceits.

It is no joke.

Keep yourself pure.
Keep your lineage pure.
Keep your calling pure.
Keep your life pure – and flow in Purpose and Power.

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