HOW TO BECOME – AND STAY – SEXUALLY PURE(2)(Bootcamp Purity Series)

(continued from last post)


A while ago on social media, someone shared a rather lengthy revelation she had. I will give a brief summary:

In it, she saw a woman reading a book, and from the book rose up a form of spiritual dust that went into her eyes and left a film on them. Immediately, she became spiritually blind – and fell in love with the deception she was reading. Another was reading a book, and two snakes came out of the book and entered the reader’s eyes.

What these people were looking at tantalized and aroused the people sexually if they were single – or filled them with filthy evil desires that they transferred to their partners if they were in a relationship.

And the Lord told her that His people were touching the unclean thing. They were loving the filthy and false. They were courting the enemy – then seeking the Father with filthy hands.

The Bible says your eyes are the lamp of the body. If it is pure, your whole life will be full of light. If it impure, your whole body (life) will be full of very great darkness. (Matthew 6:22)

When you allow filth into your eyes, it brings in darkness and blindness that flows into every area of your life – and you are unaware of it.

As I said in an earlier post, this is not a game. This is a battle. Pure battle for the possession of your soul.

-You cannot remain sexually pure if you continue to fill your eyes with filth.
-You cannot remain pure if you continually listen to filth.
-You cannot remain pure if you surround yourself with people who drag you back to the sexual vomit you have left – or are trying to leave.
-You cannot be in groups that trigger your sexual desire as a single person – or your desire for other people as a married person.

Clean up your social media feed.
Delete people who post things that make you lustful – and spiritually blind.
Delete those books from your e-reader.
Leave physical and online groups that arouse sexual desires in you as a single person, or plant evil desires as a married person.
Unsubscribe from that cable channel if you know you always end up watching filth.

Sometimes, you have to be drastic to remain in/fulfil God’s purpose. It might not make sense to others. It might seem over the top…

…but it is your battle, not theirs.
It is your future and those of your children – not theirs.

Purpose is rarely achieved in groups – or conformity.

Guard your gates. Guard what you let into your heart – and into your home.


Yes, the dreaded ‘F’ word that many Christians abhor.

But, you see, there’s something fasting does to you – and to your flesh. When sexual sins have a stronghold on you, or you have habits you have indulged in for a long time, or you have issues you have struggled with but can’t seem to overcome – fasting usually weakens that struggle.

Some years ago, the Lord led me to go into a really extended fast. It was really about something totally different – and I and a friend were simultaneously praying and fasting at that period.

It wasn’t until towards the later part of the fast that I realised, one day, I had gone for a long period of time without pornography – or the mental pull-backs to sexual experiences I had indulged in or flirted with.

As I continued the fast and subsequent fasts, they were completely dislodged from my life.

I realised that when your flesh has been untamed, it is difficult to control. Fasting subdues your flesh and brings it under control. It makes your spirit-man strong enough to weaken strongholds and dislodge stubborn spirits.

I dare say that – especially when these habits are long-term, generational, or have been continually enforced – it is almost inevitable God will lead you to fast at one point or the other.

There are some situations that just will not go out except by Prayer and Fasting. (Matthew 17:21)


In my walk with God, I’ve learnt not to suppress my emotions – or my sexuality. Instead, I face them directly, lay hold on them with two hands and walk into His presence. I don’t try to run from them.

When sexual feelings came after I started to walk in real purity, one thing that helped me overcome was my blunt, blatant, graphic, explicit honesty with God. I always told him what I felt and what I wanted to do – and I invited Him in.

When the feelings come, as they most certainly will, don’t try to suppress them. Instead, at that moment, turn to the Lord with them and ask Him to come into that feeling, into that situation, into your body.

Sometimes, you might have to walk the floor, praying or speaking in tongues while doing this, but at that point, immediately begin to invite the Holy Spirit in.


I know someone who was in a relationship and when the feelings came before they got married, she would lay hands on specific parts of her body and pray in tongues.

It might be amusing – but it works.

With time, your body becomes retrained and subdued to the Spirit – and the feelings get fewer and fewer, shorter and shorter, and farther between.


“…and the Word became flesh…” is a powerful revelation. (John 1:14)

This tangible world was made out of something intangible – God’s Word.

When you speak God’s Word over your life and sexuality, it might seem like nothing is happening – but don’t be deceived. There’s a rearranging in the spirit, a coming-forth to create what has been spoken.

As you hold on to the Word, it becomes Flesh – Real, Tangible, Physical.

Speak over yourself consistently,
“I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus…” (2Corinthians 5:21)
“Sin shall not have dominion over me…” (Romans 6:14) – or other appropriate scriptures.

No matter what you see on the outside, no matter what your body/thoughts keep telling you, no matter how many times you try and fail, hold on to the Word.

It’s just a matter of time. It will become Flesh.


  1. So what’s the worst that could happen? This question has helped me conquer my dear of standing up for God many times. Thank you for the reminder

    1. Debby Osa says:

      You are most welcome, Sis 🙂

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