In subsequent posts, we will see practical ways God helps us attain sexual purity, but before then, I will like to lay some groundwork for this series.

First, Abstinence is not Sexual purity.

While abstinence will be an outcome, it is much deeper than that. You can abstain from physical sex and still be impure in your heart and thoughts.

When God refers to sexual purity, He is referring to a way of life – being wholly pure in your thoughts or actions, whether alone or with another. The whole package.

One of the greatest battles to be fought in this endtime will be the battle of sexual purity.


Because sexual impurity is one of the quickest and easiest ways to spiritually weaken an individual or body – and one of the easiest ways to keep people bound.

Both kingdoms know that there is a level of spiritual power that comes with true purity. Therefore, the more an individual, family or body army walk(s) in purity, the more powerful they become – and the more detrimental it is to the kingdom of darkness.

And the opposite is true: The less they walk in purity, the less powerful they become – and the more the Kingdom on earth is affected.

That stuff on your phone is not ‘merely’ soft porn. That book on your e-reader is not ‘merely’ erotic literature. That game is not ‘merely’ Rated 18+. That image on your feed is not ‘merely’ sexy.

That is a battle going on for the possession of your soul.

The enemy is no more covert in his operations. He is in full, blown-out overt mode this endtime – bombarding your senses with his perversion and lies until his deceptions become truth.

Nothing is sacred anymore – and nothing is perverse anymore.

Like God, he knows that time is running out – and he is doing everything in his power to take as many with him.

If he cannot take God’s children, at least he can keep them weak so they are no threat to him – and are ineffective in their Kingdom.

He also knows that when one is weak, it affects the army – and many Christians are being brutalised by the enemy. Many Christians soldiers have been damaged in this area – and sadly, many more will still be damaged.

Because of this, Grace has been released this endtime.

We know Grace is multidimensional, but in this area of the assault on sexual purity, two specific graces have been released for this season:

One is the Grace That Picks You Back Up When You Fall.
-The grace that shows how much God loves you – despite the number of times you fall into sexual sin or make ‘mistakes’.
-The grace that brings you back to the Father’s arms everytime you watch that video, or you fantasize about another person apart from your spouse.
-The grace that wipes your tears away and says, “Nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus.”

And this grace is so necessary because the onslaught of the enemy this endtime will gravely injure many of God’s warriors – and they would need a place to recover and recuperate from the attacks.

However, much of this grace won’t be really ‘required’ if we make use of the second type of grace available – which is the Grace To Live Above Sin.

This is the grace God really intended for this season.
-The grace that doesn’t make you a casualty – but a conqueror.
-The grace that makes you ‘immune’ to the enemy’s attacks.

– The grace that Keeps You From Falling, and keeps you ‘faultless…’ (Jude 1:24).

Sadly, the first type of grace has been more celebrated and utilized – even abused – almost to the ‘detriment’ of the other.

But God has made this grace available for this season – and He wants us to make use of it. He doesn’t want it to be in vain in our lives. (1Corinthians 15:10)

And the beautiful thing is this: The grace released for you is directly proportional to the sin around you. The Bible says, “Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds.” (Romans 5:20)

The darker the night, the brighter the stars shine.

The worse the immorality and perversion, the greater the grace to stay pure.

It is very possible.

Just ask – and receive.


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