GENERATIONAL PURITY (Bootcamp Purity Series)

God is a God of generations. Transfers. Flows. Lineages.
He rarely does anything that stops with an individual, group or nation.
He thinks continuity.
He is a long-term God.

One day, I attended a JCCF meeting on campus (that’s Joint Christian Campus Fellowship – the umbrella body of all Christian fellowships on campus).

Since he was talking to students, the guest minister invited talked about sexual purity, why it was important to be sexually pure, the impact of fornication, the dangers of sexual immorality…the whole nine yards.

When he was done – and gone – the fellowship president got up and laughingly, but bluntly, said “All well and good. We have heard It over and over. ‘Don’t have sex. Keep yourself pure. Avoid premarital sex’ – and when you are done, you go home to your wife and have sex when you feel the urge.

What do we do when we feel the same urge – but we can’t have sex, because it’s a sin?!”

Valid question.

I’ve listened to ministers talk about sexual purity – especially to the young and unmarried. Many times – except for divine inspiration – there seems to be a certain lack of power, authenticity, and practicality in their talks.

Nothing really resonates with your spirit as they go through the usual spiel: “Pray. Go to church. Read your bible. Don’t watch bad things…”

– and I realised it was one of two things:

(1)They got married as unbelievers – therefore they didn’t have the experience of keeping themselves pure as singles.
(2)They were Christians, but they didn’t walk in total purity before marriage. There were areas they struggled with sexually – therefore they couldn’t really pass on, practically, how to remain pure as singles.

They could tell you why you should live pure and the consequences of not doing so, but – again, except by divine inspiration and revelation – they couldn’t practically pass on to the next generation how to remain pure in a perverse word.

I know. I’ve been there.

I remember a young man once coming to me years back because he was struggling with masturbation. I gave him the usual talk. “Read your Bible
u. Pray. Get involved. Give your heart…”

Then, God forgive me, I ended with, “Don’t beat yourself on the head about it. Everybody has something they struggle with.”

Why? Because I was struggling with pornography and masturbation myself.

You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have.

That is one major reason God desires for us to walk in purity: To be able to pass on to the next generation how to effectively and victoriously walk in purity.

But more than that, purity – like impurity – is a flow.

As a parent/leader/head, whatever is in you flows down to those under you – even if no one knows about it.

That’s why a parent secretly indulges in pornography – and somehow, the child gets involved with it – and both parties are unaware of the other’s struggle.

You see, immorality and perversion have spirits attached to them. When you get involved in them, you bring these spirits into your home. You give them legal ground to operate – and they take full advantage, affecting and attaching to your children.

Have you ever been in an environment where there was a strong sexual atmosphere – even though nothing seemed to be going on outwardly?

There are spirits attached to these things, and when they are not dealt with, they influence those in their vicinity or area.

When a parent who indulges in these things gives birth to children, that stream/flow is passed down to the children.

But there are still parents who have given their lives to Christ, and who no longer practice such things – but the flow is still being passed down to the children.

That is because:
-Human beings have a choice, and we live in an evil world. When the enemy seduces your children – as he most definitely will – they have a choice to reject or accept.

-The parents conceived the children while still involved in those practices – therefore giving legal ground to the enemy.

-The parents were, at some point, careless or not watchful of the goings on in the home (‘while men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares…’)

But one major reason is this: The now-saved parents did not consciously and deliberately stop the flow – with words.

So, flows had gone forth, spirits had gained legal access into your home and the lives of your children – then you become born again. You deliberately and consciously have to break those flows, and rebuke spirits that have gained entrance into your home or the lives of your children – with words.

Salvation is gotten when you believe – and confess. Believing is not enough.

Covenants are made with words.

Covenants are broken in the spirit when you renounce and rebuke.

The spiritual is about Words.

Therefore, after you have gotten saved, and you no longer indulge in such activities, you deliberately speak words over your children that break the flow.

If you are still unmarried or yet to have children, that is the time to break such flows so they are not transferred to your children.

If you are unmarried, it is a huge blessing. That is the time God desires to purge and purify you and your spouse-to-be (whether or not you have met them) – so that when you come together, you are beginning a fresh, pure stream/lineage unencumbered by demonic, generational perverse spirits.

Same for you if you are yet to have children. It’s a time for you and your spouse to deal with such issues in your life so they aren’t transferred to your lineage.

Sexual purity is not just about you. It’s about your children.

Sometimes these flows (try to) show up in generations after your children, therefore words have to be spoken over your lineage – not just your children.

For those with children, take authority over your home and your children’s lives. Remove everything and anything connected with sexual perversion or immorality in your home. Don’t allow those books, music, films etc into your home. These things have spirits attached to them – and having them in your home gives them legal access.

Decree over your home and into your children’s lives, “Whatever my heavenly Father has not planted shall be uprooted.” (Matthew 15:13)

I remember being led to pray this prayer some time back over where I was staying – and the unveiling of hidden things and strange things that happened were shocking.

Whether single and married, plead the blood of Jesus over your lineage, and with your words, testify and decree what Jesus did on the cross for you.

“By the Blood of Jesus, we are set free from immorality. My generation is free from (mention the tendencies/generational flows/past habits indulged in) – and it will not be transferred. I stop and break the flow now. It stops with me.”

Remember, “We overcome by the blood of the Lamb AND the word of our testimony.” (Revelation 12:11)

Generational purity is possible – and it can start with you.

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