SEXUAL PURITY IS POSSIBLE – FOR ‘YOU’. (Bootcamp Purity Series – Introduction)

One day, a man woke up from a long coma. He didn’t recognise anything or anyone. He also couldn’t remember his past. The doctor and other medical personnel tried to prod his memory, but he couldn’t recollect a thing.

One day, some military officials came to see him. They cordoned off his room because they wanted to talk with him alone. That was when they revealed he was an undercover spy for the military, and had been hit on the head while on a mission.

They brought out a very thick file and showed him documents and photos. The documents contained a list of his accomplishments undercover, especially in dangerous zones. In the photos, he was training recruit spies at bootcamps, climbing mountains, running on endurance trails, shooting, the whole works.

The officers informed him that he was one of their best men and he was urgently needed back at the base. They had more assignments lined up for him – and he had to get ready in time for work.

However, apart from his memory loss, the long coma had made him out of shape, flabby and very overweight. He couldn’t even walk a few steps without panting. So, the officers put him on a very strict diet and exercise regimen.

He started – and it was tough. Most times, especially at the beginning, he was certain he couldn’t do the exercises. But when he read through the documents and looked at pictures, he remembered that he had done that before. It had been a way of life.

It was already in him.

So, he continued. He had to relearn a lot of things: how to swim; how to use a gun and other weapons; martial arts and other forms of self-defence; how to handle on- and underwater operations; how to handle cars, boats, powerbikes for assignments…

It was a lot. A whole lot. But anytime he wanted to quit, he looked at the pictures and forced himself to continue.

Soon he was running a mile, then two, then three. His body became pure steel, his muscles like whipcord. His shooting was bullseye accurate, he carried men twice his size on his shoulders – and ran with them as if they were a sack of feathers. He climbed mountains like a deer, and went for days without food and water.

After a brutal year in which he had been unbelievably transformed, he was called to the office for an assignment…

…and he got the shock of his life.

He had been an experiment.

Years before, he had signed up for the program, volunteered to be a guinea pig – and forgotten about it.

Everytime he fell asleep at the ‘military base’, he was hypnotized and brainwashed so he didn’t remember his real life when he woke up in the morning.

In reality, he was an accountant who worked in a legal firm. The reason he had been fat and overweight was because of his lifestyle – sitting behind a desk and punching numbers all day.

He was not an undercover agent.
He had never held a gun.
He had never climbed a mountain.
He had never learned to swim because he was terrified of water.
He had never known how to defend himself.

But now, because of what he had been constantly sold – and believed – he had become a totally different, unrecognizable person.

In these last days, the enemy will propagate two lies about sexual purity:

He will tell unbelievers (Lie 1): Sexual purity is not possible.
He will tell believers (Lie 2): Sexual purity is possible – but not for you.

And he will sell you these lies in a million ways – bombarding your senses with everything he can to make his lies become your reality.

He will make sure he wears your defences down by filling your eyes, ears and mind with his images, words and thoughts – until you become conformed to what you see.

He will make you believe – and become – his lie.

The same thing happens with God.

Two truths the Lord will teach in Bootcamp Purity are:
(1) Sexual purity is possible
(2) Sexual purity is possible – for you.

And, if you allow Him, He will fill your eyes, your ears and your heart with images, words and thoughts of who you really are – in Him.

He will show you how to transform the inner image into actual reality.

He will detox you from the lies you have believed, the habits you have cultivated, and the mind you have programmed.

He will not just reprogram you to default settings – who you were before the enemy put his image before your eyes, whispered his words in your ears, and imprinted his coding in your heart;

This time, He makes you better than your previous setting: Now, you have knowledge – you are no longer wide-eyed and ignorant; now, you have weapons – you know how to combat the enemy; best of all, now, you can save others.

In Bootcamp Purity, God will make you believe – and become – His Truth.

Whom you believe – and who you become – will be totally up to you.

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