You don’t have to be everywhere.
You don’t have to do everything.
You don’t have to get involved in everything.
You don’t have to KNOW everything.

The fear of missing out (popularly called FoMO) has become an epidemic in our culture – and it has seeped into our Christian walk as well.

– See, it’s okay to say “No” when asked to serve in another office or department.
– You don’t have to join another online or offline prayer group.
– You can graciously decline an invitation to attend yet another powerful event.

Don’t be afraid you will miss your “blessings.” Or your “prophecy”. Or “destiny relationships”. Or “the move of the Spirit.” Or your “Word.” Or “divine helpers.”

The most important thing is being where God wants you to be, and doing what God wants you to do per time.

Over the week, I listened to Pastor Kumuyi talk about how he got into miracles. He said he was serving God and was involved in a lot of good and spiritual activities, but one day, he deeply thought of what he desired. He cut down on many of the activities and began to spend more time in prayer, study of the Word, and the materials of certain ministers.

That was how he broke into gifts, healings and miracles.

FoMO can make you sacrifice the best on the altar of the good.

Don’t get me wrong. God can very well tell you to get involved in various offices, or certain moves, or certain activities. He does that, quite a lot actually – but it’s to train, prepare, build or use you. What He doesn’t want is for you to get your identity from being part of the crowd.

Stop jumping up and down and getting involved in everything. You might be misunderstood – but that’s fine. The most important thing is to be where GOD wants you to be, and to do what GOD wants you to do per time.

When you do this, you will discover you are not missing much, anyway.

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