It is easier to work for man than to work for God. Much easier – and I’m not talking about Christian service.

I’m talking about your “secular,” everyday, nine-to-five job or business.

If you are a Christian, God is your Boss – whether you are a business owner or employee.

However, if you truly want to work as unto the Lord, you will discover that God demands a much higher standard than human bosses ask for. This is because He doesn’t just consider WHAT you do, but also HOW and WHY.

WHAT” deals with the external output.
You see, God is an excellent God – and He expects nothing less from His children. The following scenarios will be very common when you work for Him.

-You slave over a job/presentation – and the Holy Spirit whispers, “The first and eighteenth paragraph are not perfectly aligned”, even though it’s not noticeable.
-He tells you, “Make it prettier,” even though it’s for the usual weekly staff meeting or a regular client.
-“You are late. You are supposed to be seated and start working by 8, not clock in by 8.”
-“You don’t quit because it’s closing time. You quit because you are done. Are you done? No? Then drop your bag and sit back down. Good girl.”

Many times, your earthly bosses and clients would be very impressed and even applaud your results, but God will tell you, “You know you could have done more.”

…and if you want to be truly honest with yourself, you could have done more.

HOW” deals with your character – the way you work.
No matter how excellent your work is, it doesn’t impress God if done with an attitude contrary to His way. Expect to hear the following:

-“Stop complaining about your colleague and focus on your work.”
-“Why did you shout back at your supervisor? Go back and apologize. Yes, you heard me correctly.”
-“You didn’t account for the Coke you bought in the market yesterday – and while you are at it, return the change from “miscellaneous” back to the Accounts department.”
-“Hold on. You didn’t pray for your customer’s sick child. So what if she cancelled her order?”

How we work – humility, integrity, faithfulness, respect, teachability – is even more important to God than the actual work.

WHY” deals with your motive for serving.
This goes to your very heart of service, which is the most crucial thing to God:

-“Why are you still in the office? Oh, the Board of Directors are having a meeting – and you want them to see how diligent you are, right?”
-“So, because you didn’t get Employee of the year, you are going late to work today.”
-“Sweetheart, if your attractive line manager marries Margaret from Accounting, will you still be so hardworking?”
-“Why didn’t you tell your boss that you and Steve worked on the proposal – and he even brought most of the ideas? Are you afraid he would be preferred above you?”
-“I noticed you have been buying gifts for your colleagues because annual appraisals are coming up.”

Your WHY slashes away external activities to expose true motives and mindsets.

Yes, working for God can feel very haaard sometimes, but remember, He is a just and balanced God. He will not ask from you what you cannot give. Neither will he ask you to work at the detriment of other areas of your life.

When God truly becomes your Boss, you develop humongous capacity in every area: mentally, emotionally, socially, even physically. More and more responsibilities would be given to you, and you wouldn’t have to lobby for promotion. It will happen naturally – whether in your current place or another. Remember, promotion truly comes from God. (Psalm 75:6&7).

Finally, if God’s standards are much higher than man, and your boss(es) constantly complain of your work, work ethic, or attitude, then it is poor indeed.

You cannot work as “unto the Lord”, and not satisfy your earthly bosses. Ask the Holy Spirit for help.

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