Ask the average Christian single lady, “What type of man do you desire?” and she will most probably reply, “A Boaz” or “I am praying for my Boaz.”

That’s very good, but who you need might not be a Boaz.

You might need an Othniel.

As I wrote earlier, I love how the relationship between Caleb and his daughter, Achsah, typifies the relationship between God and His children. Particularly His daughters.

Achsah was the strong daughter of a strong father – and one of the things Caleb did was select a strong man for her to marry.

Points to note:

(1) Caleb – Not Achsah – Made The Selection.
If you want a good man, let God choose for you. Simple.

God chooses good – and suitable – men for his daughters. He will not give an Othniel to a Mary, a Boaz to an Achsah, or a Joseph to a Ruth. He knows the most suitable pairings and the necessary characteristics for each situation.
So let Him choose.

(2) He Chose a Member Of The Family.
Through Caleb’s deliberate selection, Othniel wasn’t merely just an Israelite, he was from Caleb’s tribe – the tribe of Judah. But even more, he was also Caleb’s nephew.

Same nation. Same tribe. Same family.
God doesn’t give His daughters to any ‘Christian’. He must be ‘close’ family. He must have striking similarities with the Father – and be practically a ‘Son’.

(3) He Chose a Man Who Was Worthy Of Her.
The Great Warrior Caleb wasn’t going to take his beloved daughter and give to just any man for marriage. No.
Her father chose someone like himself: A warrior who was courageous, and who could protect and fight for her and the family – the way he had always done.

The man had to also prove he was worthy to marry Caleb’s daughter: “…I will give my daughter Achsah as wife to anyone who attacks Kiriath-Sepher and captures it.” Judges 15:16

Othniel fought for Kiriath-Sepher – proving he was indeed a warrior. But, more than that, he defeated other strong warriors from Judah to capture the city.

Ladies, you are a child of the Captain Of The Army. The man He chooses for you will recognise your worth, and prove to Him – and to you – that he is worthy of you.

(4) He Chose a Man Who Recognized Her Worth – And Desired Her Enough To Fight For Her.
When Caleb gave the injunction, I imagine some warriors might have backed out because:
(i) They already had wives and were not ready to have another – or cause trouble at home.
(ii) They liked Achsah, but not that much.
(iii) They just were not into Achsah at all. Maybe she wasn’t their spec or type.
(iv) They really desired her, but felt it was too much effort to capture a city just to marry a girl. There were other daughters of other warriors. Why stress yourself – and possibly get killed over a woman? It’s not as if the land would belong to you anyways!

However, Othniel fought – and continued fighting – until he won and captured the city. He proved he desired Achsah enough to fight – and die – if necessary.

See why I said you might need an Othniel, and not a Boaz?!

(5) Her Father Was Looking At The Bigger Picture.
Caleb was doing two things simultaneously: (i) Securing his daughter’s marriage to a worthy man and (ii) possessing promised territory.

It was a time when lands and territories were being possessed – and he chose a man who could fit into the bigger plan. It went beyond just marriage or merely securing land.

Just like Caleb, the Father is doing the same in these last days. He is: (i) organizing kingdom marriages and (ii) expanding kingdom territory.

One will not be separate from the other.

But, most interestingly, the spiritual was working behind the scenes.
Even though he was unaware of it when he conquered Kiriath-Sepher, the relatively unknown Othniel wasn’t just a physical selection – he was actually divinely chosen.

After Moses and Joshua died, he became the next ruler. He didn’t know he had already been proven.
The Spirit of God selected him to deliver the people from their enemies – and the land had rest throughout the forty years he reigned. (Judges 3:9-11)

How do you think Achsah felt sitting by his side? 😀 Her Papa did well!

Yes, Boaz might have been a wealthy landowner – but he wasn’t a warrior, judge and deliverer rolled into one.

Like Othniel 🙂


  1. Fortune Jacob says:

    Very great read!
    Othniel, a very special breed.
    Let me go an add this one to the list😜🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    Thanks Debby. More inspiration

    1. Debby Osa says:

      You pipo!! 😀 Thanks, Fortune!

  2. Hmmm, Asides Boaz and Joseph, I think I’d add Othniel to the list oh!… It’s a pleasure to know that my heavenly Father cares for me and I’m certain he’d chose the best for me! This knowledge and consciousness will save many of God’s daughters mental and emotional stress. Thanks for this.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Very, very true! You are welcome, Bisola 🙂

  3. Brynn says:

    Good points. So hard to trust God sometimes. And I believe sometimes God may not choose a husband for every woman and vice versa. There is certainly a lot that can be done to serve God as a single woman as well.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Hmmm…food for thought. Truly, a lot can be done for God as a single. Thank you, Brynn!

  4. Sharon Hazel says:

    I also love this story of Caleb and Achsah – the daughter who was bold enough to ask for more and the Father who gave her a double portion! Thank you for sharing, such a good read.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      I love it too! Thank you for reading, Sharon 🙂

  5. You are really selling this Othniel to me😏.
    I guess the prayer will change to Boaz with a some Othniel in it🤭. Nice write up!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Actually laughed out loud! Yes, dare to ask the Father for MORE! Thank you for reading 🙂

  6. I like it!
    In other words, wait for God’s best.

    Thanks for the counsel

    1. Debby Osa says:

      You are welcome…and thank you for reading, Jennifer!

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