THE RELATIONSHIP BOOTCAMP SERIES (Spiritual Bootcamp Introduction)

In a military bootcamp, new recruits are indoctrinated, trained to follow instructions, and undergo rigorous physical fitness training. Three major facts about a bootcamp are:
(1) It is usually intensive or gruelling
(2) It does not last forever
(3) It is meant to prepare the enlisted individual for the main army or war.

If you have not been called to a life of celibacy, your single period will be a series of bootcamps. These bootcamps can be discrete or continuous, occurring sequentially or concurrently – but they have one goal: To prepare you for your role in the family-army these end times.

In Spiritual Bootcamp, God’s major focus will be to Build Spiritual Capacity.

Now, many singles assume that marriage will be a resting ground; a Nirvana where, finally, all your worries and troubles as a single person will be over. They might not actually admit it or say it in such words – but it’s there, nevertheless.


If you think that marriage – in itself – will give you ‘rest’ from attacks, distractions and challenges, you are in for a huge surprise. The ‘real’ work actually begins when you are married – which is why God tries to prepare you before you go in. (I say ‘tries to’ because you have a choice in how much you allow Him.)

Unfortunately, many do not take their bootcamp period seriously. They ignore the fact that, once married, the freedom/privacy/time/opportunities at their disposal to learn – and ‘become‘ – would no longer be available.

They do not fully believe that the spiritual foundation set during their singleness would greatly determine their fitness in the army as a spouse, the victories or losses gained as a unit(family), and how far they would achieve purpose in their married life.

So we see the following scenarios occur:

SCENARIO 1: God looks at the future – and sees the plan He has for your family unit: It is global, generational and multidimensional. He is aware of the impact it would have on earth, in the kingdom of God, and on the kingdom of darkness.

He knows it would take intense travailing to conceive that plan, carry it to full term, birth it, and keep it alive from the dragon who wants to devour it.

He also knows you cannot power your future’s megacity with the 5kJ generator you currently carry within (selah), so He begins to prepare you and His son/daughter – without both of you knowing each other.

He tells you…
“Start waking up at this (inconvenient) hour to pray.”
“Add an additional thirty minutes or one hour to your usual prayer time.”
“Spend more time in the Word so you can clearly hear and distinguish My voice.”

…and you wonder, “Huh? Life is not that serious!”

Because you are unwilling, you don’t even ask Him to help you. So, you struggle to get up at 3:39a.m., pray in dull, heavy tongues for ten or twenty minutes – then you go back to sleep…or watching YouTube videos…or browsing Netflix. After all, It’s not by might or by power. There’s no need being legalistic.

Meanwhile, up in Heaven, God looks at your prayer request list and sees Point 1: ‘A husband/wife who (among other things) can travail in prayers for the family.’

Good for you.

Scenario 2: Many singles are waiting – waiting to get married before they begin to pray for revelation of their marital purpose; waiting to get married before they pray for the fulfilment of that purpose; waiting to get married before they pray for their children’s lives and destinies; waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

They think, “There is still time. After marriage, we will pray together. Let me just get married – or, at least, know who she/he is, first.”

They are unaware that God wants you both to hit the ground running. So He begins to prepare you now, shows you things to come now, and gives you instructions for the future now.

God sees that the attacks from hell against your children would be intense – and intensified. He knows that what the future holds for them would require you and your spouse fasting, praying and travailing over them – until His purpose is perfected in their lives.

So, He tells you to fast because He knows that food can be a big distraction. It can dull your physical and spiritual senses, making you heavy, blind – and unable to receive clearly from Him.

But you cannot “come and kill yourself.” So, reluctantly, you ‘hold off’ till 12 – and then eat without even praying. At other times, you don’t even bother. Christianity should not be so stressful, please – and in any case, it takes two to parent. Why should you bear the burden (seemingly) alone now? When the time comes, you and your spouse will share the responsibility of fasting and praying.

Scenario 3: Purity/Holiness in the last days will be one of the most powerful forces unleashed by the army of Christ – and in the family. Immorality/sexual perversion in the last days will be one of the most powerful forces unleashed by the kingdom of darkness – and on the family.

While God wants to protect your unit from the onslaught of darkness in this final hour, He wants to do much much more than that.

You see, God is a long-term God. When He brings two people together, He is thinking Flows. Generations. Lineages. Transfers. Simply put, God wants to begin a fresh, untainted – and holy – lineage through you and your spouse. He prepares both of you to be the singular carrier of a pure, generational flow.

So, in bootcamp, He works in both of you to totally rid you of filthy habits, polluted mindsets and demonic residues gotten through inheritance, association or personal choice – lust, pornography, masturbation, homosexual tendencies, incest, sexual addictions and the like.

He leads you to spiritual exercises that will completely detox your mind and body, so that you can be restored to ‘factory settings’ – the way He intended you to be before the poisons were injected. When He is done, He brings you two together to begin a fresh, untainted and pure generational stream.

But it’s too hard for you – and, in any case, you are a mature adult with legitimate sexual needs.

You don’t genuinely ask God to help you – but you constantly ask Him to forgive you. Inwardly, you even believe it is partly His fault. After all, if you were married, it would help in curbing – and even eliminating – those desires and habits. Instead of allowing yourself to be purged, you excuse your ‘occasional indulgences’ and wait for the magical marriage – while hoping that God, in His infinite mercy, will give you a spouse who doesn’t have the same sexual issues or habits you do.

And it goes on and on and on…

You don’t learn the needed lessons; you don’t cultivate the necessary spiritual disciplines – and your married life is an extended, amplified version of your lazy, undisciplined, secret-sin filled, defeated, single life.

Worse still, it is transferred to your children.

Nah. No more. Not any longer.

This end-time, God is not simply interested in His children just getting married.

He wants them ‘fit’ for the army.

I know this seems rather hard and a tad harsh, but in bootcamp, there are no sentiments, petting or coddling. As I said in my introductory post, the ‘slant’ and ‘tone’ is very, very different from what I had originally intended – and I believe there is a reason.

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