“Shhhh…You know you are not married.”
“You’d better not say anything – at least, until you’ve had even one child.”
“How can YOU teach on holiness? Everyone knows you fell into sin many years ago. Choose another topic.”
“All this public declaration of ‘I am blessed, blablabla’ – when you don’t even have a grain of rice in your one-room. Don’t embarrass yourself.”

And so we keep quiet – and the enemy of our souls laughs loudly, cackling in glee, rubbing his hands joyfully together:

Another Redeemed of the Lord has been silenced.

In these last days, your voice will be one of your most powerful weapons – spiritually, physically, socially etc.

Especially spiritually.

And the enemy knows this. So, he will do everything in his power to silence you, using two of his own powerful weapons – Guilt and Shame.

He will make you feel guilty or unworthy to speak up because everyone knows your own sins or mistakes – and maybe, even worse, those errors set off a chain of reactions that affected lives. Like David.

So, also like David – who couldn’t correct his children because of guilt and the feeling that he deserved the consequences – you keep quiet when you should correct those God has placed under you. Or those He sends you to.

The enemy doesn’t want you to realise that the first time God gave the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” to His chosen people, it was through a man who had murdered another man many years before and buried his body in the sand. Moses.

The enemy shames you into silence because you are, seemingly, not where you are supposed to be. So, you don’t speak God’s promises publicly anymore.

He wants you ignorant of the fact that almost every ‘prosperity preacher’ you know was speaking wealth and prosperity while in abject poverty – and long before they started buying private jets. (Don’t get off track. Focus.)

In fact, a well-known minister was once so poor, his only pair of trousers had been stitched and re-stitched so that the two back pockets had joined together to form a big one.

He would preach on prosperity excitedly, talking about how the God he served “is a God of prosperity and He wants his children to prosper”, then, in his excitement, he would jump, turn around – and everyone would see this huge ‘pocket’ at the back of his trousers.

What do you think would have happened if he had chosen to keep quiet, ashamed, because what he was preaching didn’t seem to be reflecting in his life – at that time?

I remember someone who was doing great exploits in the kingdom being advised to “hide until your life is better. Then you can come out.” Thankfully, the individual didn’t listen – and today is very blessed and still being used mightily of God.

The enemy doesn’t want you knowing all these. Rather, he tells you,
“How can you say you serve a God of prosperity when you are still in debt?
How can you still talk – when your mates are successful/married/have children/building houses/buying private jets, etc?
Don’t be hypocritical. How can you say anything when you fell into sin on the 13th of July, 1900 at exactly 8:26 pm CAT?
You had better keep quiet.”

And so, in your shame, you become silent.
In your guilt, you keep mute when you should be correcting others who are making the same mistakes you made.

Don’t let that follow you into 2021.
Don’t allow the enemy steal your voice. Especially spiritually.

Yes, you have made mistakes. Yes, you are seemingly not where you are supposed to be. Yes, people do not seem to see ‘results’ in your life.

However, there is One Reality and One Truth – and that is what the Word says about you. Not what you feel, see, hear, or what the world says.

“You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.”
“No matter your age, you will not be forsaken – and your children will not beg for bread.”
“You will not want your mate.”
“You will not be barren – or cast your young.”

Your voice speaking the Word of God – whether in confession or declaration, correction or exhortation – is one of the most powerful weapons in the spirit realm.

In 2021, don’t lose your weapon.

Don’t let the enemy shame you into silence. Don’t let him guilt you into muteness.

Rather, Let The Redeemed Of The Lord SAY SO!


  1. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Old things are passed away and all things have become new. Let them still hold on to the old version of you, but you know you’re transformed, scream it at the top of your lungs. I love this

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Word! Thank you, Sis…:)

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