You know what scared me the most about the curses in the Old Testament?

It wasn’t the level or intensity of God’s punishment. No.

Rather, it was the heart of the people.
Let me explain.


If someone asked your closest friend out on a date, then told them, “In this relationship, if you do what I like, I will spoil you and make your life the most beautiful experience ever.

However, if you leave, break up with me, or – worse still – have an affair, I will destroy you and everything you have so bad, you will wish for death?”…

…what would you tell them?!

One of my favourite games, for years, was Candy Crush. I liked it because it didn’t require intense brain-work – so I could concentrate on the messages I listened to while I played.

Like most games, it has boosters which make it easy for you to scale through a difficult level and move on quicker to the next one. Read More…

The VOICE Of God VS The TONE Of God

It is an anomaly to claim to be a child of God – and not hear God.
In the Kingdom, it is abnormal. An aberration.

When Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice…”, He wasn’t being ‘spiritual’, figurative, or futuristic.

He was being factual. Read more…


So, on this particular day, I decided to spend some time in worship. I plugged my ear-piece into my phone, and began to play worship songs – some in audio format, others in video.

As I began to sing along, my mind drifted to a certain issue that had been bothering me for some time..


Lawrence Oyor has shared on numerous occasions how he started praying for long stretches at a time.

The first time it occurred, he and a group of other young boys were drilled by a certain pastor to pray for twelve hours non-stop. A few of the lads absconded, and the others just wanted to literally die. Read More…