Not too long ago, I decided to pay my elder sister a visit. I didn’t tell her I was coming since I wanted it to be a surprise.

When I got to her home, I knocked on the door. Her younger son asked from within, “Who is there?”

I made my voice deep and spoke like a man, “Is that James?”(not his real name).

“Yes,” he answered, then asked again, “Who is that?”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I further asked gruffly, “Is your mum at home?”

He replied again, “Yes,” but insisted, drawing nearer to the door, “Who is that?!”

I mumbled something like, “It’s bvhjbfjbb.”

He said, “Ehn?”

I kept quiet, trying not to laugh – then he squealed, “Aunty Deborah! It’s Aunty Deborah!” and he opened the door.

I laughed and we hugged, then I asked him, “How did you know I was the one?”

He replied, “Your perfume. I smelt your perfume through the door.”

Very intelligent lad.

For some reason, the incidence returned to my mind this morning and remained there – and when that happens, there is a message in it.

You see, everyone has a certain ‘smell’ or ‘scent’ they give off – whether or not they are aware of it.

Have you ever interacted with people who give off an air of need and desperation – even though they behave like all is well? What about people who simply repel you? Or people you just pity – though you know nothing about them?

I’m also sure you have met people you instinctively trust, even though there’s no tangible reason to; or even individuals you feel would be competent – when you haven’t seen proof.

Everyone has a ‘smell.’

One way to know how you smell is to look at the kind of people you attract.

Bees are attracted to sweet-smelling nectar. Flies are attracted to filthy-smelling dung.
What kind of people do you constantly attract to yourself? What kind of relationships do you constantly find yourself in?

When you assess them, are you thankful for the close relationships you’ve had always had?
Or have you always/most times found yourself in relationships where you feel used, worthless, abused, taken advantage of, or disrespected? Have relationships of envy, hypocrisy, competition, backstabbing or betrayal been your norm?

Then, as a man of God said, “There is something in you that attracts such people – or there is something in you that brings out such things in people.”

If you critically analyse it, you can know the kind of perfume you are giving out.

However, how you smell to people is not as important as how you smell in the spirit.

You see, people can be biased, prejudiced, have the crowd mentality – or may not really know you. They can be influenced by their limited perception of you – or by others’ perception of you.

However, when you look at your life, what do you seem to be attracting – spiritually? Does your spiritual ‘perfume’ attract angels – or demons?

The Bible says that if you are in Christ, you are a ‘sweet-smelling savour of Jesus’ to God.
That means that when God smells you, He smells Jesus! Isn’t that amazing?!

…do you know that it’s very possible to smell of Jesus – to God – but still attract demons because your unhealed wounds and festering sores of bitterness and unforgiveness are dripping blood and pus?

Yes, you have the mind of Christ – but is it being deliberately activated with the Word? Or are you allowing it to lie dormant – therefore automatically filling it with doubt, fear and unbelief? Has a thick cloud of self-pity enveloped you – attracting demons of hopelessness, helplessness, and passivity?

You truly are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus – but your senses and mind can be so saturated with the filth you look at or listen to, that you attract demons of lust and blindness that will create a suitable environment and pull appropriate people to you.

Spiritually, what smell are you giving off?


Two points:
(1) I like perfumes – and I like variety. Certain perfumes smell sophisticated, others feminine; some are ‘sweet’, others are floral – but I like how you can change them to suit your mood or occasion.

Guess what? You can also change your spiritual perfumes.

Throw off that sickening stench of self-pity, lust, or unforgiveness. Open the perfumed ‘bottle’ of the Word and spray yourself with the knowledge of who you are and what you have in Christ.
Pfffssss! “I am blessed and highly-favoured!”
Pfffssss! “Sin shall not have dominion over me!”
Pfffssss! “The love of God is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost!”
Don’t be sparing. Douse yourself liberally – then watch demons flee, and angels hurry over to accomplish the Word of God.

Change your perfume.

(2) I also realized you can use a certain perfume consistently with a particular attire so that, even after numerous washings, the fragrance still lingers.

The same goes with the Word. Perpetually fill your heart and mind so that, no matter what the world throws at you, your perfume still comes through – and doesn’t disappear with just one negative interaction.

Spray It constantly until it sticks in you and on you.

So. Go ahead. Sniff at yourself.

What perfume are you wearing today?


  1. Olayinka Ofi says:

    It’s amazing how you drew inspiration from that experience with your Sister’s son.

    Thanks so much for sharing. We all have a savour and sincerely they ought to be a sweet smelling one.

  2. ‘If you keep attracting a certain things then you should probably check what smell you’re ’emitting’.

    This is a whole word!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Yes, it is! 🙂

  3. Ifeoluwa Okanlawon says:

    Perfume……… You spoke a huge dose.
    God bless you, ma’am.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Amen…and you too, Sis

  4. Wow…this is a great perspective. I love how you used this analogy.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Thank you for reading… 🙂

  5. hadassahtreu says:

    I enjoyed a lot reading this article! Love the way you write!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Thank you, Hadassah!

  6. Britta says:

    Thank God for God’s grace! He accepted us despite our smelliness, washes us and gives us a new scent. What a miracle!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      What a miracle! Thank God for grace…

  7. Jenniferinspires says:

    “Douse yourself liberally – then watch demons flee, and angels hurry over to accomplish the Word of God.”

    I love the counsel. Welldone Debby.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Thank you, Jennifer… and Amen!

  8. Heiii!! This is thought provoking. It’s possible to have the mind of Christ and still attract demons ! Hmmm!! Very timely,Thank you.

    1. Debby Osa says:

      You are welcome, sis…:)

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