The Parable Of The Well (Archives).

There was a certain city, and in that city, there was severe drought.
The people thirsted desperately for fresh water and, in their bid to keep from dying of thirst, began to invent other liquids.

Like most man-made inventions, however, these addictive fluids didn’t fully satisfy. They only caused a temporary high which wore off after some time – leaving the drinkers in a state of depressed lethargy.

So, in order not to keep experiencing this lethargy, the people kept drinking their liquids.

One day, a wise old man came to the city. He heard the sighs of the inhabitants who were slowly dying from thirst.
He observed the weird high-low-high-low cycle of those addicted to the artificial fluids.
He noticed their sluggishness and their sunken, ashen pallor…

…and his heart was moved with compassion.

The next day, he was gone, but a well had mysteriously appeared at the city gate.
Beside it was a sign which read, ‘Free, Fresh, Never-Ending Water.’

The people were excited!

The news spread all over the town…

… and some began to excitedly talk about the water … but they did not drink it.

Others gladly pointed people in the direction of the well … but they did not drink from it.

Some were financially savvy, bottling and selling the water to others … but they didn’t drink it.

Some took a sip, but didn’t like the taste of the fresh water… so they went back to their addictive man-made fluids.

Then there were those who preferred mixing the fresh water with their invented liquids – so they could have the best of both worlds.

Some inhabitants actually tasted from the well … and were excited at the life that trickled into their veins. So, they returned every once in a while to take surface mouthfuls.

Many wanted to drink, but were too distracted to fetch for themselves, so they waited to collect from those who went to the well.
Unfortunately, they were ignorant that the water – while still life-giving – was often diluted in varying degrees with the substance of the vessel.

A few bold ones dared to live by the well … and discovered that the deeper they drew, the sweeter the water became – and the more powerful their bodies grew.

Some inhabitants were in awe of those who grew powerful from drinking deep – and began to worship, idolize and create pedestals for them.

Some of those worshipped shrank back in horror, absolutely refusing to get on the shaky pedestals.
But others gladly climbed, chests puffed with pride – temporarily forgetting the fickleness of human adulation.

A few others were more scientific in their relationship with the water:
They took samples of it, examined it under the microscope, scrutinized every molecule making up the liquid, researched the scientific name of all its components – then wrote a very impressive dissertation on ‘The Water’… but they didn’t drink it…

…and all the while, the well of Free, Fresh Water sat by the city gate, waiting for anyone…anyone… to Simply. Drink.



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  1. This is a needed reminder sis. You’re a blessing to the Body of Christ,God bless you

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Thank God, sis – and thank you!

  2. I love how you did not explain further, there’s no need to. The message drove home

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Thank you, sis!

  3. Lisa Blair says:

    What a powerful parable, Debby!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Thank you, Lisa!

  4. This is a wonderful message.

  5. What a poignant and apt parable!

  6. Helen Rees says:

    What a great analogy! I would say that this applies to Christians as well, as we forget to go to the true source of water as to quench our thirst, going to the things of this world instead. I was encouraged by this. Thank you!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Well explained, Helen. Thank you!

  7. Jen says:

    Beautiful! If only all the people of this broken world would drink of the living water!

    1. Debby Osa says:

      And I say “Amen!”

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