So, I was privileged to be a guest writer on Kelly Baker’s blog.

In my post, I shared vulnerable moments – and how being honest with God helped my Christian walk. Enjoy.

“Years ago, I found myself in a limbo in my relationship with God. I was going through all the motions — praying, reading my Bible, attending church, etc. There were also no obvious sins in my life — but I knew something wasn’t right, and I couldn’t put a finger on it. 

There seemed to be a wall between God and me.

One day, I went to the church I used to attend. It wasn’t a service day, so it was deserted. (An empty, silent church building is an amazing place to be alone. Try it out if you can find one.)

I took a comfortable spot and began to worship and talk to the Lord as usual. “Father, I bless You. I worship You because You are worthy, and I praise you for…”

Out of nowhere, I heard the Lord say, “Talk to me.”

So, I began again, “Father, I praise you. I thank you because…”

He cut in again, and repeated, “Deborah, talk to me…”

I paused for a bit, wondering, then I began afresh, “Father, I bless you because you are…”

For the third time, the Lord interrupted me gently, “Deborah, talk to me…”

…and I just burst out in tears, “Father, I don’t trust you!”

I was shocked — no, stunned — at my own outburst…

Read the full post here

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