It’s so easy to get caught up in anticipating or preparing for a New Year, that we don’t possess every single blessing of the year we are currently in.

You see, every single day and every single year has its blessings, and it would be unwise to stop expecting and receiving for the year – just because it is the 29th or 30th of December.

The Bible says God’s mercies and compassions are new every morning – and His faithfulness is so great that He doesn’t miss a day. (Lamentations 3:23) Even on the 31st of December, He still has brand-new, untouched, never-before-experienced miracles and compassions for that day.

Psalms 68:19 also says that God daily loads us with benefits.
Darby Translation says: ‘…daily loads us with good…’
TPT: ‘…(He) gives us salvation over and over, then daily carries our burdens…’

That means that even on the 31st of December, God still has brand-new, untouched, never-before-experienced benefits/good/help/salvation for that day and that year.

Until the old year rolls away, there are still pending blessings for you – and you would do well to keep claiming them until you enter into the New Year.

I remember I used to have that mindset of anticipating the coming year so much, I would prematurely shut down for the year I was in. By the middle of December, I would stop expecting/receiving for that year.

One day, I listened to a message on the 11th hour miracle, and the minister talked about how God can still bless you even at the 11th hour.

I really wasn’t believing for anything special or specific, but I kept playing and replaying the message. It got to a point that I became very expectant and started believing for blessings – even though I didn’t even have anything in mind.

You guessed it. I had a major, shocking, unexpected miracle on the evening of December 31st. Looking back now, I should still have continued being expectant until the clock chimed 12.

Your posture of expectancy in the Spirit is very important. Oral Robert says, “A miracle is approaching you every day – or passing by you everyday.” How expectant you are will determine if you recognise it or not.

For the remaining part of this year, be expectant. Even if you have experienced mind-blowing miracles this year, 2020 is still not over. There are still brand-new mercies and compassions to be unpacked in the coming days. There are daily benefits you haven’t yet unloaded.

Even if this year has been horrible for you and you cannot wait for it to end, take heart. There are still 20 days of brand-new, untouched, never-before-experienced mercies and compassion. There are still 20 days of brand-new, unloaded benefits.

Maximize every single day. Suck every single second dry. Lay hold on God’s Word and claim all your benefits for the day and the year.

Keep expecting, keep believing and keep receiving until 11:59:59 PM – and then enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year in advance.


  1. Primeria says:

    Happy new in advance 💃

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Thank you, and the same to you 🙂

  2. Note to self: Be expectant. Happy new year in advance to you too

    1. Debby Osa says:

      Yes, be expectant…and Thank you 🙂

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