CONSISTENCY (Spiritual Bootcamp)

I know the previous posts have been brutal. Very brutal. But it’s a bootcamp. If you are being prepared by the Commander for the army, you cannot afford to play at this time. You cannot afford to treat your spiritual life lightly – especially when there are assignments to be executed, and there is a coming generation to be raised.

I won’t tell you the weapons needed for spiritual growth, or how to use them. You already know the drill: Pray. Read the Word. Meditate. Confess. Fast. Pray in the Spirit. There are tons of resources available on each subject.

However, I will tell you this.

Even if you do all the above, yet lack one thing, you will still be a spiritual weakling – and that is Consistency.

Kenneth Copeland shared how his wife, Gloria, had been asking God to teach her how to fully and more powerfully operate in the spirit. The Lord replied in a statement Brother Copeland never forgot.

He said, “In Consistency Lies The Power.”

It’s easy to look at other ‘spiritual giants’, or look at the end-time vision God has prepared for you and the family – or how He wants you to prepare now – and think, “I can never achieve that.” “I can never be like that.” “I can never do that.”

But if God says, “This is my plan for you – and you have to do this to get/be that”, He knows you already have it in you and it is for your own good.

Two scenarios.

When a child begins to walk, he stands, tries, totters – then falls. The muscles in his legs ache, and his little butt hurts if not well padded. The initial pain says, “This is not worth it”, and so he remains seated.

But, soon, he sees other people walk about without falling. He sees his dad come through the door and his siblings run to meet him. He sees a beautiful toy on a shelf – and, then, he tries again.

Why? The desire and capacity to walk is already in him.

It’s the same way with our spiritual lives. You want to grow spiritually or God instructs you, “Pray for an hour everyday.” or “Read a chapter everyday”, so you decide to start.

You try – and it is hard. Your flesh is tired. Your mind wanders. The Bible doesn’t seem to make sense. And, so, you give up, bored and frustrated.

But, like the child, the desire and the capacity – though buried – is available.

Someone said, “Spending time with God is first a discipline, then a delight.”

When you keep ‘getting up’ everyday to ‘just do it’, it soon becomes so much a part of you that you feel ‘off’ when you don’t. Just like the child whose mum has to hurry to prevent him from running into traffic – you will soon start running in the Spirit and being told by others to “Tone it down” or “Go slow.”

Second scenario.
True story. A man had eye surgery on both eyes. After the bandages were removed, he was told to open his eyes. He tried, but the dim light in the room hurt. He was told it was normal and his eyes would adjust, but he had to keep opening them at intervals and keep them open for slightly longer periods.

He tried again, but it was uncomfortable. After sometime, he chose to just close his eyes in the dark comfort. He became permanently blind.

To develop spiritual power, consistency is key – even when it hurts and is uncomfortable.

Especially when it hurts and is uncomfortable.

So, in building spiritual capacity:

~Ask God to lead you to your schedule. I say this because it would differ from one person to another, and from season to season.

~Prioritize that time with God above everything, and I mean that literally – everything.

I remember a minister sharing how, one morning, a woman came for prayers at his home. She was told he was having his daily time with God. She waited for some time, then impatiently asked that he be called. Her case was urgent, she had come from a far place, and she was in a hurry. Again, she was told he couldn’t be disturbed.

Fuming, she waited for him to be through. When he finally emerged, she burst out about how long she had been waiting, playing the usual guilt card – he was supposed to be caring/sympathetic/available and all.

The minister bluntly told her, “Woman, you came all the way only because of what I was doing in there. If I didn’t get it in there, you would not be here to receive it.”

His presence is your power source. Give it first place.

~Be consistent. This, right here, is the key. Erratic, when-you-feel-like spiritual exercises will keep you weak. You cannot read the Bible today and ignore it tomorrow because you don’t ‘feel like’. You cannot pray today and not pray tomorrow because you have ‘too much to do.’

You will simply remain a spiritual weakling.

The enemy will ensure he manipulates your emotions and environment so you don’t fellowship with God because he knows that’s where your power lies. Before you know it, you haven’t prayed for three days, or opened the Bible in a week. Soon, you are running on fumes and open to attack – except for God’s mercy and the covering by others.

No matter how you feel, no matter how the day goes, no matter how wearying or difficult it might seem sometimes, day in and day out, cloudy or sunny, happy or sad – be consistent.

Just keep feeding on the Word – even when you don’t feel like it. Just like you don’t feel your height increasing when you physically eat, you might not ‘feel’ anything when you read – but your spirit man is growing.

Just keep praying – even when you don’t feel like it. You might not know how much power you have stored, or how much muscles you have built – until the day of adversity comes.

Just keep fasting. Just keep meditating. Just keep confessing.

Just keep doing what God wants you to do in this season – and, soon, you will be a formidable force to be reckoned with in the end-time army.


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