FULL ARMOUR – OR NAKED? (Spiritual Bootcamp)

Years ago, I was preparing to take the usual Sunday school class at church. The topic for that week was “The Whole Armour Of God”. It was/is a familiar topic – and I was ready to teach. The scripture passage, of course, was taken from the popular Ephesians 6:11-18.

As was the usual practice, I was having my personal study at home before leaving for the general review at church when, suddenly, it was as if a veil was torn away – and I saw myself in the Spirit.

I was naked – having only the helmet of salvation on.

Now, I was a Bible study and Sunday school teacher. I was regular at church service. I spent time praying on my own. By other Christians, I was viewed as ‘spiritual’ and might have seemed fully kitted – but in the Spirit, I had on just a helmet.

I was still saved – hence the helmet – but:

•My belt of truth was missing. I wasn’t actually lying – but I wasn’t very truthful either.
•The breastplate of righteousness over my heart was gone. I was looking at, listening to, and allowing into my heart things I shouldn’t have as a Christian. Some of these things were okay by the world’s standard – but not by God’s. Some were just wrong.
•I wasn’t spending time in the Word as I used to. My word level – reading, studying, meditating, listening – had dropped and was at an all-time low. Really all-time low.
•And because faith comes by hearing the Word of God – exactly, you got it – my shield was gone as well. My faith during that period was zero. No sword, no shield.
•Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace? Nothing doing. I was as barefeet as a Maasai warrior in the desert – the only difference being that my feet were not equipped to withstand the heat, serpents and scorpions.

But you know the scariest thing about the revelation? I saw that even the helmet I was wearing in the Spirit could be lost with time – if I wasn’t careful.

Can you imagine a soldier with just a helmet in the battlefield?

I was a sitting duck for the enemy.

I had known I wasn’t up to par, but I didn’t know how far I had slipped.

It was a rude awakening. A wake-up slap that shook me to my core – and I am very grateful for it.

I learnt that being spiritually fit – and fitted – is not by chance. It is deliberate – and continuous.

So, if God was assessing your spiritual outfitting, what would your report read? ‘Fully clothed’ ‘Partially clothed’ or ‘Naked’?

If singleness were God’s bootcamp to prepare you for marriage, how deliberate are you regarding your ongoing spiritual fitness?

Or, let’s even start from the basics: How fit are you – usually – as a single?

More importantly, how fit do you desire to be?

If the enemy is aware (and he is) that in these last days, the family would be a major tool in the hands of God – and he has made concrete plans to destroy/damage/annihilate your family unit, how would you fare?

Would you be a spouse or parent wearing just a helmet? Would you find yourself unable to cover/stand in the gap for the family because your hands are continually bare – or because your continually unprotected heart is unable to resist the enemy’s arrows of lust, fear and confusion?

Why should God pair you with His child who is always fully kitted, and who continually watches over the unit alone – because you are too careless with your armour? Why should he/she have the extra burden of constantly trying to fight and cover for you, when both of you are supposed to be covering the unit and watching out for each other?

Simply put, why will God give you a unit to lead and protect in this end-time, when you cannot cover yourself – as just one person?

Yes, there might be times when one is not up to par spiritually and the other has to step in or step up (Ecclesiastes 4:9&10). However, those times should be very few and far between. An anomaly, even. Not the norm.

And not, especially, in this final hour.

God doesn’t want us ‘perfect’ for marriage. God wants us ‘fit’. Big difference.

Therefore, as a single in God’s bootcamp who is being prepared for the end-time family-army, you must be ready to allow God work in and on you.

If you don’t yield, one of these will happen:

•You wait in your singleness – until you chose to get on with His program; or
•You take your own path, make your own choices – and create your own life, or
•God, finally, just ‘allows’ you get married because of your persistence and desperation, and you go into marriage getting – and being – less than God’s best.

Am I saying that everyone who is married is spiritually fit – and those who aren’t, are not?

Obviously not.

But who the cap – or the helmet – fits, let him/her wear it.

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